Unified Operations Management Platform

To manage the IT operations, enterprises end-up using multiple tools including many open-source tools with limited support and scalability. These technology silos stall end- to-end management without any integration between the tools making it difficult to determine the root cause of the problems. This leads to IT departments becoming reactive in their approach leaving little time to optimise and no predictive visibility.

OpExpert is a Unified Operations Management Platform providing a single tool to manage end-to-end IT Operations. 


Organisations can use multiple tools to perform various routine tasks but OpExpert orchestrates various tools into a single platform that truly unifies the complete operations for both private and public organisations.


OpExpert’s automation capabilities helps IT teams to not only automate the daily routine tasks but also to take instant actions on the infrastructure from within the platform.

Network Management

Monitoring and managing end-to-end infrastructure.

Configuration Management

Recording the configuration changes and automating the deployment of new configuration.

Incident Management

Create incidents from automated alerts and manage the incident lifecycle.

Log Management

Collecting logs from varied sources and responding to events.