Transforming the IT Operations Management experience for you and your teams.

We understand the challenges of running smooth IT operations and keeping expenses down. That’s why we’ve designed a unified operations platform with a centralized dashboard and configurable alerting.

OpExpert supports you in saving costs and streamlining all of your routine tasks. With decades of expertise in the field, we are familiar with the inner operations of IT teams of all sizes: we know what your end-to-end stack looks like, and how your daily workflows operate. We’ve taken those tools and integrated them into a platform that enables end-to-end visibility.

Thanks to this seamless integration, you can now automate your routine tasks and collaborate effectively with your teammates. You’ll spend less time on monotonous and mundane routine activities and be freed for your strategic initiatives.

OpExpert is driving transformation of the IT world with you in mind.

Unified Management

  • Robust platform with multiple integration points
  • Out-of-the box integration with dozens of tools and solutions
  • Easy integration with any existing solutions through open APIs
  • Interactive dashboards based on a centralized big data repository

Reduced Manual Effort

  • Automation of repetitive routine tasks that free up time for strategic initiatives
  • Configurable workflows and pre-defined runbooks
  • Simplified automation for numerous use cases
  • Proactive alerting with actionable recommendations
  • Dynamic incident management with intelligent routing

Effective Collaboration

  • Feature rich communication capability
  • Complete collaboration with internal & external stakeholders
  • Shared team calendar to collaborate on activities and projects
  • Central documentation repository for team access

Enhanced Business Value

  • Improved infrastructure availability leading to accelerated monetary and reputational gain
  • Comprehensive reports supporting decision making & compliance auditing
  • In-depth analysis through rich contextual data
  • Timely proactive alerts sent via preferred channels
  • Customer and end-user satisfaction through enhanced service levels

High ROI

  • Cloud-based service with no hardware or software to procure and maintain
  • Instant delivery with no lead times
  • Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model with no hidden costs
  • Low operational costs with no upfront investment (CAPEX)
  • Flexible and scalable with open source components

Performance Management

Enhance the performance of your infrastructure with integrated network, log and configuration management.

Service Management

Enhance business value with automated incident, problem and change management.

Orchestration & Automation

Automate the entire process and never get bothered with the routine tasks again.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate on tasks and projects both with internal and external teams.