Solution Brief

Day-to-day routine tasks are distracting your work force from achieving business excellence

Running smooth IT operations and still finding the time to expand and focus on essential strategic initiatives can be a challenging proposition.

Often times, team members find themselves getting swept away by monotonous routine activities with no time left in the day for thought leadership. Add to that the need to keep expenses down while still supporting professional development.

And without this kind of support for your team, aligning with your organization’s business expectations can be nearly impossible and can lead to fast burn out and high employee churn as well.

These aren’t even the only challenges you and your teams face. Your teams need to keep track of activities across numerous applications and interfaces, maintain rigorous SLAs for customers and ensure transparency for stakeholders. Organizations are struggling to manage a wealth of new data too.

Finding ways to automate more mundane and time-consuming tasks is crucial so that you can put the emphasis and energy where you really need to.

Unified Management

  • Robust platform with no-code integrations
  • Ready connectors for dozens of tools and solutions
  • Easy integration with any existing solutions through UI drive configuration
  • Interactive dashboards based on a centralized big data repository

Enterprise grade functionality and support

  • Highly customizable
  • Easily integrated with your existing stack
  • Extendable and scalable as your organization grows
  • Robust Oracle cloud deployment
  • Smooth onboarding and migration

Essential monitoring, analytics, and security tools baked into one platform

  • Real-time network maps showing availability and utilisation statistics and devices, and alarms on the map making it easy for any administrator to view, drill down and understand root causes
  • End-to-end infrastructure monitoring, log management and configuration management
  • Automated incident management
  • Secure role-based access and multi-factor authentication
  • Full observability and visibility and in-depth analysis through rich contextual data


Integrate the entire IT infrastructure and all existing performance management and security solutions.


Analyze data, metrics and logs in real time directly from integrated systems by visualizing it in the form of unified dashboards and reports.


Automate routine tasks by enabling simple workflows across integrated systems.


Collaborate with different teams within your IT organization to speed-up troubleshooting process and resolve issues faster.