Simplify IT Operations

Instead of adding another product to your already cluttered operations, OpExpert’s ‘as-a-service’ model helps you simplify your IT Operations. The services that allows you to focus on your strategic and more complex jobs rather than keeping you busy with managing a solution you procured to manage your infrastructure.

Our Model

OpExpert’s cloud model not only simplifies your purchase process but also makes it easy for your ongoing maintenance of the platform.

From getting started instantaneously to scaling-up and with pay-as-you-go model, OpExpert makes it easy for the IT teams to see the benefits without spending a fortune or enormous amounts of time to get the solution up and running.

Moreover, OpExpert does not store any data on cloud. All data is read over a secure connection when the user logs in and it’s deleted upon closing of the session.

Professional Services

OpExpert Professional Services delivers solution sizing, design, implementation, integration and technical consulting services related to OpExpert’s no-code integration platform. The services portfolio ensures that the platform optimises the IT operations to best possible levels with its automation and integration capabilities.

The Professional Services team has extensive expertise on the platform and the underlying technologies. The team is well-rounded with industry best practices, compliance standards, and IT operations landscape.


Integrate the entire IT infrastructure and all existing performance management and security solutions.


Analyze data, metrics and logs in real time directly from integrated systems by visualizing it in the form of unified dashboards and reports.


Automate routine tasks by enabling simple workflows across integrated systems.


Collaborate with different teams within your IT organization to speed-up troubleshooting process and resolve issues faster.