Next-Generation NMS

Enhancing Network Performance and Security with Next-Generation Network Management Platform

Technological advancements offer companies a cornucopia of different IT operations management solutions. These solutions aim to make formally time-consuming tasks automated, thus exponentially increasing productivity.

Yet, while the individual solution may work well enough, getting each solution to work together in a manner that best suits your company’s purposes can be a challenge.

Fortunately, OpExpert’s Network Management platform recognize what an enormous problem this is and sought to fix this issue. The result is a Next-Generation Network Management platform that offers a comprehensive integrated platform.

Moreover, with all of these solutions being part of a single integrated platform makes it easy to enable automation and orchestration. Also, this open platform can integrate with any solution used for service management and collaboration. OpExpert’s Next-Generation Network Management Platform has finally provided the all-in-one comprehensive platform that organizations need to enhance the performance and security of their networks.

Check out all the different solutions designed to work seamlessly together within the Next-Generation Network Management Platform.

Network and Application Performance Management

This module helps IT teams stay on top of their infrastructure performance. It enables them to track performance and trends in real-time. Plus, this solution allows techs to diagnose and even correct issues before it becomes a problem, regardless of the source of the issue.

Network Traffic Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) provides in-depth analysis of the traffic on the network. It provides comprehensive bandwidth utilization. Additionally, NTA provides customizable reports and recordings, enabling IT departments to be alerted of and act upon any potential threats with ease.

Network Configuration and Change Management

Change is inevitable. Updates happen continuously across the network. Network Configuration and Change Management module consistently monitor your network to ensure that all changes and updates are successful.

Additionally, if a change or update fails, the solution works to mitigate the risk of the failure. The solution will help reconfigure the device making sure that the failed changes do not stop your system from working or potentially causing a crash.

Log Management

In order to be secure and compliant, companies need a comprehensive log management system. With log management being an integral part of Next-Generation Network Management platform, companies avoid having silos of data collected through separate metric and event collect collectors and log aggregation solutions.

Asset Management

In order to make sure that all your endpoints are managed properly you would require a comprehensive asset management solution. The first step to manage is to know what you have and where. If this information is sitting in a separate silo it becomes difficult to see the full security posture. An integrated asset management solution within the Next-Generation Network Management Platform solves this problem making your organization more secure.

Performance Management

Enhance the performance of your infrastructure with integrated network, log and configuration management.

Service Management

Enhance business value with automated incident, problem and change management.

Orchestration & Automation

Automate the entire process and never get bothered with the routine tasks again.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate on tasks and projects both with internal and external teams.